About Us

CalCarrie's International Models Philippines is an international modeling agency based in Manila that caters the Asian market with top models. With the growing number of foreign and local businesses in the Philippines, it is obvious that an agency like this is quite a necessity. Being connected to branches in the cities all around Asia makes it a bonafide, world-class business organization.

A higher caliber agency, CalCarrie's in Asia can be compared to Storm in London or Elite & Ford in the U.S. Started by model Carrie Wong (hence the name), Carrie models was first launched in Singapore which was at that time the center of Economic trade in Asia. Because of the various international fashion events and ad campaigns that took place there, it was obvious that a modeling agency was brought out by then, senior booker, Linda Teo and added to it was a grooming center for aspiring fashion mannequins. Carrie models Singapore grew to become one of the most prestigious modeling agencies around. With a good head start, the inevitable happened, Carrie models branched out to other steadily growing cities around the globe like Hong Kong, Indonesia, Kuala Lumpur, Johor Baru in Malaysia and an agency in Bangkok, Thailand.

The Philippines is coming up as one of the hottest business and tourist spots in Asia. Because of this fact, the necessary action took place. CalCarrie's International Models Philippines, headed by Mr. Joey Espino Jr., joined Carrie Models of Asia. The agency launched in July of 1997 & since then has grown to be the only international modeling agency in the Philippines.

The main objective of the Manila office is to promote Filipino models throughout Asia, the US & Europe markets. Going global & putting a cosmopolitan appeal to the Filipino market was also one of the agency's goals. Flying in foreign models from different Carrie branches in Asia, for fashion shows, ad campaigns & magazine editorials here in the Philippines.

CalCarrie's also fulfilled their commitments when Filipino models landed on big, international ad campaigns such as Bossini Asia, LaPagayo Asia & Marks & Spencer, landed on the pages of international magazines such as Vogue, Versus, Marie Claire and Glamour and graced the catwalks of fashion designers here & around the globe. Singapore, Australia, Hong Kong, Paris and New York are only to name a few of the countries demanding for Filipino models. Only to prove that CalCarrie's has gone international, the Filipino models have also captured the covers and editorials of magazines not only here, but also in Singapore, Bangkok, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Paris.

To add to the growing number of achievements of CalCarrie models, they took over the Philippine market to endorse companies such as Levi's, Jag, Penshoppe, Oxygen, Memo, Pantene, Ivory, Rejoice, Palmolive, Lux, Creamsilk, Axe, Rexona, Wonderbra, Wacoal, Century Tuna, Neutrogena, Johnson & Johnson's, Pond's, Swatch, Avon, Globe and Smart Telecom to name a few. It doesn't stop there. In the future, it is undoubted that CalCarrie's International Models Philippines will pave the way for Filipino models to go deeper into the global market & help to create a niche for them everywhere.